Our Team

  • Executive Director/CEO - Lina Lumme

    Lina Lumme was raised in Russia and received a Master's Degree in Linguistics from Adygh State University, Maykop, Russia. Since she immigrated to America in 2003, Lina has been involved with non-profit organizations serving the local community. She speaks English, Russian and German. She is a member of the Fieldstone Leadership Network and holds a Certificate in Volunteer Management, Executive Directors Leadership, and Nonprofit Management. Lina has served as the Executive Director/CEO of The Youth Center since January 2010.
    Lina served on the Boards of Directors of the Precious Life Shelter, Los Alamitos Education Foundation, P4S Family Resource Center, and Rotary of Los Alamitos/Seal Beach. In 2010 Lina Lumme was honoree of Life Time Achievement by NPDOC. In 2015 Lina was awarded by LAUSD for her outstanding contribution to Every 15 Minutes Program. In 2017 Lina was acknowledged by Senator Nguyen and US Congress for her contribution to the youth of local community.

  • Executive Assistant/General Manager - Julie Rubin

    Julie Rubin brings more than 30 years of business experience working in the private sector in the fields of information technology and relationship management. She holds a bachelor's degree in Law & Society from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She worked as an independent contractor for two internet-based companies and owned her own business. Julie’s son attended Camp Shark for years and she volunteered over 2,000 hours with The Youth Center before joining our team. Julie is responsible for all program operations and communications, and collaborates with Lina to achieve the goals and objectives of the Youth Center.
    She has excellent customer service skills and brings a wealth of practical management experience and creativity to her role. Julie joined our team in 2014 and implemented many positive improvements since then. She leads the Program Committee meetings and works with our Music Team on a monthly basis. During our Community Support Campaign, Julie takes a leadership role in fundraising and bring in substantial funding for our programs. Julie received an employee of the year award in 2017 and was acknowledged by Senator Nguyen for her outstanding work in the community.

  • Community Relations/Volunteer Coordinator - Laurie Hanson

    Laurie Hanson graduated with honors from Cal State University, Dominguez Hills, and wrote for her middle school, high school and community college newspapers as well as for a community newspaper in Gardena, CA. She currently works at the News Enterprise in Los Alamitos as a freelance writer and part-time office assistant. She enjoys writing, and returned to it after years of working for the YMCA as a teacher. Laurie is a resident of Buena Park, lives with her cat, "Harriet Littleton," and is close to her sister, Youth Center Office Manager Julie Rubin, brothers and three nephews. Aside from writing her favorite stories of human interest, she likes to go freshwater fishing with her family.

  • Camp, ASP & Leadership Academy Director - Jay Martz

    Jay Martz joined The Youth Center as a part-time summer camp counselor in 2013. He was promoted to After School Director in 2015 and to Camp Director in 2017. He brings over 6 years of experience working with children. Jay’s dedication and commitment to his role was not only acknowledged by The Youth Center management, staff, and parents, leading to his new position, but he also received an award for outstanding service for his work with the City of Los Alamitos.
    In 2016, Mr. Martz received an award from Cypress Unified School District for his outstanding contribution to the children in our community. Jay is a full-time student, where he is pursuing a degree in Teaching. Jay has worked at four different camps around the United States and brings new ideas to The Youth Center.

  • Teen Camp Director - Hans Lumme

    Hans Lumme holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Anthropology from California State University Fullerton. He completed his student teaching at Tustin High School and earned his teaching credential from California State University Long Beach. Hans is a full time teacher in a Special Education Department at Monroe Middle School LBUSD. Hans has worked with the Youth Center for 18 years in various capacities. He first attended the Youth Center as a teen participating in sports activities. Hans is skilled at getting youth to participate in group activities and is gifted at developing mentor relationships with our participants. His goal is to create a feeling in the youth that this center is a place that they can be themselves, share their problems, and look to the staff for guidance. Hans likes to connect with the parent(s) to reassure them that their' child is special and being cared for by the Youth Center. Hans also manages 150+ community volunteers during our month-long sale of Christmas trees.

  • Music Director - Daniel Van Andler

    Daniel Van Andler is an accomplished violinist with over 30 years of experience as a musician. He has a music degree from California State University Long Beach with an emphasis in performance / composition, and is a member of the Music Teachers Associations of California. After years of performing in professional orchestras and chamber groups, he has dedicated himself to teaching K-12 kids both in the public school system, and at his studio located in los Alamitos. Teaching kids to love and appreciate music is his passion, and educates them how to share this love for music with others.

    Daniel has recently joined forces with The Youth Center to help create a new and improved after school music program. This program helps bring together kids district-wide that normally wouldn't get the chance to interact with one another. Through the power of music, they will build new friendships and experiences with kids they wouldn't have met till middle school, and in some cases not at all. Daniel also feels that the positive benefits of music are vital to the development of K-12 children, and these benefits help mold them into strong, passionate leaders of tomorrow.