The Youth Center's A Night Among the Stars was established in 2013 to award philanthropic youth by recognizing and honoring their efforts to participate and engage positively in our communities. This event was a final step in Elaine Wissuchek's Gold Award Project - Working Together. Through this venture, The Youth Center seeks to be a one-stop destination for philanthropy and volunteerism.

The Mission of The Youth Center is to transform children's lives one family at a time through collaborative social, educational and recreational programs. The Youth Center's goal is to sow seeds within the youth of the community - seeds that will grow and develop into trees that will benefit and provide the basis for our community in the years to come.

Making a difference in the lives of youth can only be deemed a worthwhile endeavor, yet when youth such as these become involved with and give back to those from which they receive, THAT, is stellar.

The Youth Center will recognize 10 nominees who will receive certificates and letters of recommendation. Three Stellar Volunteers - to be announced and presented at the awards ceremony- will be recipients of scholarships in the amount of $500 each. An additional scholarship will be provided by Rotary Club of Los Alamitos & Seal Beach.

Click here to read more about the event and see the list of all our nominees!

Congratulations to our past Stellar Volunteers:

Daniel Hayase – VBA Seal Beach Leo Club – 2018
Lindsey Torgerson – Los Alamitos High School – 2018
Tanner Webb – Summer Harvest – 2018
Cody Tanner – Seal Beach Leo Club – 2018 (Rotary Award)
Morgan Cheng – The Youth Center - 2017
Bryan Elapano - Grateful Hearts - 2017 (Rotary Award)
Riley Rojas - Precious Life Shelter - 2017
Anita Maksymchuk - Los Alamitos High School - 2017
Brielle Johnson – Grateful Hearts - 2016
Max Russell – The Friendship Circle - 2016 (Rotary Award)
Josie Pearce - Los Alamitos School District - 2016
Andrew Turner - Los Alamitos High School - 2015
Jennifer Lang - Seal Beach Lions Foundation - 2015
Janine Kim, Los Alamitos Unified School District - 2014
Laura Munley, The Youth Center - 2014
Cullen Fitzgibbons, Grateful Hearts - 2013
Evan Jenkins, Seal Beach Lions Club - 2013