Voices of Youth
Channel the voices of the youth in the community by establishing impactful and inspiring programs based on their needs.
Provide Support
Advise and provide support in youth core issues identified to augment and integrate with Youth Center's learning experiences.
Amplify Youth Voice
Increase engagement in the community so all children have the opportunity to express their needs, gain the leadership skills and amplify their voice.


The Leadership Council is dedicated towards providing leadership development to students in the community by supporting and creating targeted innovative programs to connect the youth, promote mental health, and encourage community service. As a driving force and branch of The Youth Center, the Leadership Council seeks to channel the voices of high school, middle school, and elementary school students to create and nurture a network of leaders in the community, helping them to grow with integrity, resilience, compassion, and inspiration as the leaders of tomorrow.



CONTACT US: LeadershipCouncil@theyouthcenter.org

2022-2023 Board of Directors :

GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY: By helping to create and influence different programs at the Youth Center, board members will be contributing to the community and lead change. As we implement innovative ideas and gain experience with serving, each of us will be able to delve deeper into how we can make a truly meaningful mark on our community.
BE DECISION MAKERS AND ADVOCATE FOR YOUTH NEEDS: Board members will be able to be decision makers by actively listening for feedback from the community of parents and children. By determining the needs, board members will be able to utilize this information in influencing and impacting learning opportunities to benefit the children in the community.
BUILD LEADERSHIP SKILLS: Throughout their time on the Leadership Council, board members will be able to build their leadership skills to amplify their voices in making a meaningful impact. Through various experiences and opportunities, building leadership skills will entail public speaking, forming connections and relationships with peers and adults, and learning about local philanthropy.

Meet our Board of Directors

Ally Hatakeyama, President
Gabe Freedman Finch, VP of Community Service
Hannah Young, Secretary

Khloe Tran, VP of Programs

Lucas Beltran, Treasurer


Lucas Beltran 

Lucas Beltran is a high schooler at Los Alamitos High School and the treasurer of the Youth Center Leadership Council. Outside of the council, Lucas is the vice-president of the Healthcare club and the logistics director for the Pre Med club at Los Alamitos High School. He is always dedicated and passionate towards supporting and helping others and is inspired to help the community because of a desire to give all children equal opportunities. 

Ally Hatakeyama 

Ally Hatakeyama is the president and founder of the Leadership Council of Students. She loves to support the children and their mental wellbeing through engaging programs, and seeing the smiles and happiness of the kids inspires her to try to make a difference everyday. Ally is the president of Emerging Leaders, a club at Los Alamitos High School that focuses on leadership development and strives to create a club environment in which members will find safety to share, challenge themselves to step beyond their comfort zone, and learn from role models. As a high schooler, she looks forward to her future in further supporting children’s mental health and giving back to the community!

Hannah Young  

Hannah Young is currently a sophomore at Cerritos High School. At school, she is on the tennis team and serves as a representative of the Taiwanese Club. She looks forward to helping the community and inspiring other high schoolers to do the same. Her goal is to work towards creating an inclusive environment in which everyone feels they have a voice in their community! 

Khloe Tran 

Khloe Tran is a high school student at Los Alamitos High School. She is a part of and on the board of Emerging Leaders, a club on campus that helps students build leadership skills and give back to the community. She avidly believes in helping people with hopes of improving their lives for the better; no matter how big or small.

Gabe Freedman Finch

Gabriel Freedman-Finch is a student at Los Alamitos High School. At school, he is part of the award winning Los Alamitos high school show choir. His main reasons for wanting to give back to the community is to inspire others like he’s been. When he leaves, he hopes to have contributed to the community and helped to create something lasting, impactful, and amazing!