Every 15 Minutes - Student Application

We are now taking applications for program in 2017

Deadline to submit applications is October 27, 2016

This program is only open to Juniors and Seniors at LAHS.

If you really want to be a part of the Every 15 Minutes program,
please spend some time answering every question.
Write at least one paragraph for the last 5 questions.

Are you willing to be sequestered at a local retreat for the night?

Are you willing to write a "good-bye" letter to your family/friends as part of the program?

Would you be willing to read your letter to the audience at the assembly?

Are you willing to participate in a simulated traffic collision?

Would you be willing to be placed in a body bag?

Would you be willing to be the critically injured patient, who dies after being transported to the hospital?

Would you be willing to play the part of the drunk driver, perform field sobriety tests and go to jail?

For the Every 15 Minutes Program to be effective, it is necessary that you do not discuss this application or the program with other students or faculty.

Please be sure you've typed the Validation code correctly. If you don't, your form will be erased.